Haui Balthaser

Haui Balthaser found the guitar and technology at an early age, and hasn’t been able to separate himself since.  He began writing songs in his early teens and became intrigued with the process of writing, recording, and creating music using whatever medium he came across.  In his mid-twenties he worked as an Engineer and A & R Representative. 


A self-styled Singer/Songwriter and Producer who has written, recorded, and performed original music with various artists, including: Casual Blonde, the Same, Watertown, Nectarine, and The Amy Steinberg Band, as well as solo material.  He has produced, written, and performed on four independent albums and a single over that time with these acts.  He is currently working on his first solo release.

Haui has been a part of Full Sail University since 2002 and has taught Multimedia Audio, MIDI, Songwriting and Development, and Project & Portfolio I for Audio Arts, as well as a trainer for Staff and students for Full Sail University’s Project: LaunchBox.